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While looking for the safest cookware, 1 thing that is extremely significant is how reactive the bud’s raw material is? This is because the food is a biochemical entity that is subject to leaching if cooked in a reactive pot or pan. These compounds that have leached in the pot are of no nutritional value in the human body but can cause many diseases if allowed to accumulate in the body. Titanium, stainless steel and natural clay -The first two are very popular for making cooking pots, the previous one is gaining momentum because of its health value over other manmade substances, Let’s figure out which is the safest cookware amongst the three?


Titanium is metal chemically extracted from its ore rutile, by reduction through chlorides and/or magnesium. Amongst its different uses, it is also used for making surgical inserts or cartilage and bone replacements within the body. As a result of this reason, it is a common belief that it can not do any harm in the body. First of all, Titanium is a reactive component and reacts with common elements within the atmosphere like nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, and water to form several compounds. As a result of this, it’s certainly reactive to food, particularly during cooking! Because heat is a catalyst for all responses.

This alloy is available in various grades, the popular ones (general purpose) are 304 and 316. All these elements are highly reactive and break down as ions when food is cooked in stainless steel. These combine with nutrients in meals and form toxic compounds which are harmful in the body. For instance, a very small quantity of concentration of nickel may lead to kidney dysfunction, low blood pressure, muscle tremors, oral cancer, skin problems etc.. Obviously, if you are looking for the safest cookware, you wouldn’t need to select Stainless Steel.

Natural Clay

This material is all-natural and is frequently referred to as’primary clay’ in its purest form. Principal clay is naturally inert and it doesn’t contain any chemicals or metal toxins like Titanium or Stainless Steel. Natural clay is a 100% pure ingredient in character like rainwater and as it’s naturally detoxing, it does not take to itself any contaminants! Additionally, it can’t be used for farming because this soil becomes very rigid and hard and does not enable the plant’s root system to flourish.

A simple baking soda evaluation done on these materials also shows that the pot made from unglazed primary clay does not leach anything whilst cooking. So the safest material for making cookware is natural clay – regardless of how much we experiment with various materials, this all-natural material surpasses them all!

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Safest Cookware?

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